My aim is to make your wedding photography look effortless and natural, but with precision, and an editorial and contemporary edge.

I love to capture in images, the feelings, expressions and emotions, and the ever changing atmosphere as each unique wedding unfolds.

As a female photographer (and recent Bride) I appreciate the importance of the smaller details and the bigger picture, keeping you and your guests relaxed and comfortable, whilst providing you with a beautiful collection of images and an album of stunning photographs of your wedding day to keep the memories alive forever.

I am sensitive to how nervous a bride (or Groom) may be, and will always treat you with sincere empathy and consideration, as well as having confidence, passion and technique, thanks to experience gained from my 10 years working as a Wedding Photographer.

I use a balance of professionalism and personality to enable me to comfortably blend with you and your guests, which helps me to put everyone at their ease and to photographically capture every nuance, expression and situation, both directed and candid.

Having been formally trained and gained a vast degree of technical and creative experience, I always ensure that I keep my Photographic style both original and current, keeping abreast of ever-changing trends, whilst staying conscious of what my Bride and Groom desire. I am a Licensee of the Master Photographers Association, progressing forward to Associateship, through mentoring with highly acclaimed and qualified professionals and a diversity of photographic training assignments.

I look forward to meeting you in our studio for an opportunity to show you some of my recent work over a coffee… mine’s white with, how do you take yours?