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Photography plays a major part on any special occasion and a wedding even more so. Our special day was just sensational and with the amazing photographs from Gemma and Paul we are able to live that moment each time we look at our photos.

From arriving at Pauls studios and meeting Gemma to the finishing touches with Paul everything was smooth and successful.

On our wedding day I couldn’t have asked for more from Gemma, she was creative, attentive and extremely patient with me. If I wasn’t comfortable with something she would reassure me and try something else and she worked great with our children.

Our guests commented on how lovely Gemma was and how professional she was – Just a delightful person.

Paul was the photographer for the cutting of the cake and first dance into the evening, and what amazing photos and moments he captured, from my son holding my hand to the twinkle in my husband eye Paul was absolutely amazing.

After the wedding day was done we had faith that the photos would be amazing and rightly so were perfect – from viewing them in comfort of the studio and making our final touches, the finished product had me in tears on my journey home – It has made me miss my wedding day and want to do it all over again.

Thank you to Paul and Gemma for a wonderful service.

Mary & Daniel Miller

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